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04 Sep 2021

On August 29, 2021, United Arab Emirates (UAE) had announced that it will resume issuing tourist visas for fully vaccinated people from all countries starting from August 30. The decision includes countries from which entry was previously prohibited, including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lankan, Nigeria, and Uganda.General directorate of residency and foreigners affairs (GDRFA) or federal authority for identity & citizenship (ICA) approval is not required for tourists travelling from these countries to the UAE.
Specific protocols to be followed;

A valid negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate with a QR code issued within 48 hours of the time the sample was collected from an approved health facility.

A rapid PCR test report with a QR code for a test conducted at the departure airport within six hours of departure.
They will be required to take another COVID-19 PCR test on arrival at Dubai International airport.

Indians traveling to India via Dubai can get a visa for a maximum of fourteen days upon arrival in Dubai, provided they have: a visitor’s visa or a green card issued by the USA, or a residence visa issued by the United Kingdom or the EU.

Visas issued by the US, UK or EU must be valid for at least 6 months.

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