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27 Apr 2021

Amid a surge in Covid-19 cases in India, Maldives has issued a new temporary travel policy for Indian tourists effective from April 27. This policy will not apply to tourists who are already there on the island. As per the new policy, while entering, Indian travelers (vaccinated/non- vaccinated) must hold a negative PCR test of Covid-19 conducted not more than 96 hours before the scheduled time of departure. Outbound travelers must undertake a PCR test for COVID-19 a maximum of 72 hours prior to departure from the Maldives.

A Maldivan citizen can undergo the test within 24-hours followed by a 10-day quarantine after arrival to the Maldives. To ensure the safety of locals and travelers alike, Indian travelers are restricted from staying at guesthouses and hotels located in local inhabited islands. Meanwhile, the restriction does not apply to isolated resorts and liveaboards.

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