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14 Jan 2022

In a major development in the UK, the government has lifted off the requirement of pre-arrival COVID testing for international travellers. Reportedly, international travellers can also skip self-isolation on arrival; earlier, it was mandatory to self-isolate on arrival till a negative-PCR report is received. Moreover, travellers can alternatively take lateral flow test on the second day of their arrival in the country; the test is believed to cost less when compared to a PCR test. UK PM Boris Johnson addressed the Parliament and announced the above rules; Indian travellers will also come under the exemptions. He made the said exemptions clear and commented that, "We will also be lifting the requirement to self-isolate on arrival until receipt of a negative PCR, returning instead to the system we had in October last year, where those arriving in England will need to take a lateral flow test no later than the end of Day 2 and, if positive, a further PCR test to help us identify any new variants at the border."
In addition to the above revisions, pre-departure tests would be no longer required as well. Mr Johnson commented that the test discourages many from travelling, with the fear of getting "trapped overseas" on the travellers' minds. A few days back, the UK removed all countries from its red list as well.

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